How to Prepare for a Hassle-Free Home Clearance

House Clearance in Leeds

A house clearance has the potential to be really stressful. In most cases, it happens because a loved one has passed away, or is having to significantly downsize to move into a care environment. This means that it can be a terribly emotional occasion too. But there are things you can do to ease the way.

Six Tips to Help You Prepare for a House Clearance

Separate Contents

It’s very rare for the entire contents of a house to need to go to the junk yard. So, take the time to sort through. There may be things you want to keep. Others that can be sold. So, look through the contents and clearly label everything that isn’t destined for the tip.

Take down the curtains

Curtains, blinds, lightshades, and other removable fittings tend to be overlooked in house clearances. But they all need to go.

Work with a reputable junk removal company

It’s only when you come to empty it that you realise just how much stuff fits into the average house. You start off by thinking that you’ll manage with just a few carloads heading off to the tip. But if you go solo, it can take weeks to clear a house. Sometimes longer. A reputable waste removal company will provide a whole team and a couple of trucks, to clear your house in 24 hours. They’ll make sure that all items are correctly disposed of. And they’ll even sweep up afterwards, ensuring that no debris is left inside or out.

Separate electronic equipment

Waste Electronic and Electrical (WEEE) regulations dictate that electronic equipment needs to be disposed of in specific ways. This includes household appliances, computers, phones, tools, and medical equipment. Putting electrical items to one side as you sort through the house will save you time and effort later.

Carefully dispose of potentially sharp items

Whether you’re emptying the kitchen drawers or disposing of picture frames, houses contain a lot of potentially dangerous items. If you’re dealing with things that could break and leave sharp edges, or getting knives ready to go to the tip, you need to take precautions. Especially if you’re using a third-party removal team. So, tie knives together. Leave glass objects on raised surfaces, where they can easily be seen – the kitchen countertop is perfect. And if you have broken glass, wrap it carefully and label it clearly to avoid accidents.

 Let your neighbours know what’s happening

While this isn’t essential, it is prudent and polite. If you don’t want neighbours complaining and making a nuisance of themselves during the clearance process, let them know in advance. House clearances can be dusty and noisy. Not what you want happening next door when you’re hosting a barbeque or outdoor birthday party. So, give enough warning for accommodations to be made.

Clearing a house is never easy. It’s tiring, emotional, complicated, and can be really hard work. But if you work with the right home clearance team, the biggest job will be taken care of for you.

If you are trying to organise a home clearance, get in touch with Leeds Junk and Rubbish. You might be surprised by how much we can help.

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