How to Dispose of Your Fridge Responsibly

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It’s a depressingly familiar sight: an old fridge dumped at the side of the road. It’s not just an eye-sore, but a danger. Holding the potential for animals – or even children – to become trapped inside. And the threat of damaging chemicals leaching into the environment. And the sad thing is, while some refrigerators and freezers are dumped by lazy householders or businesses, most are dumped by disreputable people who have been paid to take them away. So, how can you be sure that you’re disposing of your fridge responsibly?

Options for Responsible Fridge-Freezer Disposal

Sell it or donate it

If your fridge is still in full working order, the most responsible option is not to recycle it. But to give it to someone who will extend its life. You could sell it on your local social media pages. Find a local charity that accepts white goods – ChangeWorks is an excellent resource. With many Ukrainian immigrants coming into the country in desperate need of support, charities are in constant need of furnishings and appliances. Or you may simply want to offer it up as free to collector to anyone who needs it in your local area. It helps to prevent waste, and could be a good deed – a chance to do something for your local community.

Take it to a recycling centre

If your fridge is no longer functional, it can still be recycled. Many recycling centres will happily dispose of your old fridge or freezer. Its component parts will be carefully removed to avoid environmental damage. And any useful materials will be stripped away for reuse. Prices for this will range from £20 to around £70, depending upon your local authority’s site charges.  To avoid accidents, it’s always best for at least two people to carry the fridge. That way, the unit will not be damaged and the toxic fluid within will not leak… And you won’t meet your end, squashed under white goods!

Organise for it to be collected

For many people, the simplest way to dispose of a fridge or freezer is to pay the company they have purchased their new appliance from to take it away. But what if they don’t offer that service? Or you’re not replacing the unit because you’re downsizing, or you no longer need the extra storage? There are plenty of ‘white van’ services around. But before booking collection, you need to ensure that you are working with a reputable company that will dispose of your appliance carefully. So that you do not become part of the problem. Leeds Junk & Rubbish will collect your fridge or freezer at a time that suits you. Our professional and courteous team will remove your fridge quickly and efficiently. And we guarantee that it will be disposed of responsibly.

Fridges, freezers, and other white goods are among the most commonly fly-tipped items. Because they’re big and bulky, difficult to move, and can be costly to dispose of. Working with the right rubbish disposal company means that the hassle is taken out of your hands. And you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’ve done the right thing.

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