How to Clear the Clutter from an Overgrown Garden

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As we move into February, spring feels like it’s almost within touching distance. And thoughts naturally turn to the garden. But what if your garden looks more like… this?

A garden can be such a valuable addition to a home. Almost providing an additional room. But when you’re presented with a wilderness, where do you even start?

Five Steps for Clearing an Overgrown Garden

Start by removing any rubbish

It’s amazing just how much junk can build up in a garden over time. As well as plant pots and tools, you’ll find toys, crockery, cutlery, possibly more than one mug from cups of tea long put down and forgotten. You’ll find bits of junk put out there to ‘deal with later’ – often by previous residents – only to find that ‘later’ never came. Broken fences, barbeques, sludge-filled ponds, and impromptu compost heaps. In most instances, it will be far more than you can fit in your household waste. If you have the space, hiring a skip might be an option. Otherwise, speak to your local waste collector to discuss other simple solutions.

Strim the grass

It’s impossible to see what you’ve really got to work with if the space is full of waist-high grass. But go steadily. Because you never know what is lurking in that savannah! And don’t go straight in with your mower, because it was not designed to handle tall grass. Unless you’re planning to start another compost heap, bag up your cuttings for council collection. Or, if you think you’ve got more greenery to cull – hedges to trim, trees to come down – book a garden waste collection

Look at any structures

If you have a shed or a summerhouse or even an archway or an arbour, you need to check its viability. If it is structurally sound and will be used, think about reviving it. Sand it down, clear it out, give it a lick of fresh paint, and you’ll be surprised at how much better it looks. But if it’s falling apart or simply unwanted, you need to remove it. If you have the will and the wherewithal, you can probably do this yourself and take the remnants to the tip. If not, contact your local shed dismantle and removal service. They’ll break your shed, take the bits away, and tidy up afterwards!

Check the paths and patios

If a garden has been left untouched for long enough, the weeds will take over everything. And in some cases, this can damage any paving. If paving is loose, it can easily become a trip hazard. So, you need to asses whether it can be repaired with a bit of cement. Or whether you’ll be safer removing it entirely and starting afresh. If the latter, it may be worth booking a professional waste collection service.

Work in sections

Once you’ve worked through the major garden clearance, it’s time to focus on the detail. Weeding can be overwhelming if you tackle a garden as a whole. So, break it into sections. Work on one section at a time and clear it thoroughly. That way, you can see daily progress and won’t become too disheartened.

Congratulations! Now you’ve reached the fun bit! You have a blank canvas to plan your new outdoor escape. But don’t just dive in. Take time to consider the orientation of the garden, where you’d like to sit for a morning coffee, where you might want to relax with a glass of wine at night. Think about how you’ll use the space – growing, playing, dining, sunbathing, or maybe a combination of them all. Think about screening out the neighbours. And plants with scents that you love near the house. Map it all out. And then, you can again get busy!

If you’re looking for help with garden waste removal, get in touch with Leeds Junk & Rubbish.

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