What do we actually do when we come out?

March 3, 2021
  • We arrive on site and our friendly and professional team greet you and introduce themselves. 
  • Show the team what you want removing and we assess the job to provide an accurate and fair quote. This is based on weight, volume, time and costs to dispose of correctly.
  • You decide if you want to go ahead there and then or re-book for a day thats suitable.
  • Before they do a job we fill in a job card including risk assesments, before and after pictures, waste transfer details and save it to our system to be later emailed to you.
  • When a job is going ahead you leave the guys to take care of loading the wagon, doing the labour and clearing the waste quickly and efficiently. - and getting harrased by their boss for photos :)
  • To add a friendly professional touch we like to make sure the area is left clean and tidy that may include a quick sweep around afterwards.
  • The guys leave to dispose of your waste responsibly and usualy by recycling methods. We avoid landfill as much as possible by using ethical and trusted recycling centres.
  • Lastly, you leave us a glowing reviw and our lads move on to the next job. 

We train our staff and team members to uphold the same high standards we hold as a company and that shines through each job day in day out through results, feedback and satisfaction provided to all our customers. The main aim is that we provide a hassle free alternative to hiring a skip! Thats why we're ''Rubbish removal the easy way''