Cheap, Fast and Reliable Skip Hire Services Available in different sizes. 2yd 4yd 8yd 14yd available in Leeds / Bradford / West Yorkshire !

September 28, 2021

There are very few jobs we don't complete faster and cheaper than a skip! However, if you woud like to accumulate your waste over time and be able to load as you go we do have reliable cost effective skip hire services available! Call today, tell us your required size and we will provide you with a competetive price - if you don't require a permit we may be able to accomondate next day drop off!

2yd 4yd 8yd 14yd Avaialble - Here are some popular Skip Qestiosn we have answered for you!


  • 2-yard Skip- Holds about 25 – 35 black bags or 2 tonnes of waste. This skip is small, convenient and great for both domestic and business use. The perfect skip for low volume waste. 


  • 4-yard-. Holds about 45 – 55 black bags or 4 tonnes of waste. Our 4-yard skip is commonly known as a midi skip and is used for both business and domestic waste. It is our most popular skip and is the ideal medium skip to hire for renovation projects and smaller house clearances.


  • 8 -yard- Holds about 75 – 85 black bags or 8 tonnes of waste. The 8-yard skip is popular for building projects. It is ideal for large garden landscaping projects as well as full property clearances.  The 8-yard skip can be supplied with a cover or door if necessary.


  • 14-yard skips- Holds about 200-220 black bags or 14 tonnes of waste. This skip is more commonly used for holding lightweight construction waste such as plastics and cardboard. These are NOT suitable for heavy waste such as rubble or concrete. This skip is used for projects on the bigger side such as construction jobs.




Is your skip going on the road? YES…


Then this will result in you needing a permit 


Don’t worry, we will take care of all your permit needs. 


Whatever size skip you are needing we can take care of your needs all you have to do is CALL or BOOK today to hire your skip in and around the Leeds area. 



  • How long do I have the skip for? 

7 days but can be extended if needed 

  • Do I need a permit? 

Yes, if your skip is going on the road or any council land? 

  • What is the maximum time I can keep the skip? 

3 Weeks is the maximum